No support for Noro covid-19 oversight committee

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Lack of funds and support is crippling the Noro covid-19 oversight committee from doing its work.

Chair of Noro Covid-19 Oversight Committee Mr Robert Hickie says tasks have been very difficult to implement due to lack of financial resources.

Robert Hickie said there have been no funding allocated to the Committee since the outbreak in Noro was announced.

He stressed that lack of financial assistance has forced his committee to compromise approaches in the implementation of covid-19 cases.

“Since day one, we haven’t received any assistance from the government nor other responsible authorities.

“There was no livelihood or humanitarian supplies we received and this has been a huge challenge for our camp management team to assist those in quarantine,” Hickie said.

“It has been two months and we are yet to receive green light from the government and also provincial disaster committee,” he added.

Hickie said most people in the quarantine centres only received assistance from companies and relatives since the outbreak in Noro.

He said a proposal has been submitted but the response was negative due to lack of budget.

Hickie said his committee has decided to authorise positive cases to undergo home quarantine to avoid people starving in quarantine sites.