No flights yet for nationals living in Canada and Cuba


No dates have been set to bring home nationals currently living in Canada and Cuba.

That’s according to Dr Jimmie Rodgers, Secretary to the Prime Minister, on the radio talk-back show, Sunday.

“All the plans that were in placed before the 24h of November 2021 were all disrupted by the Honiara unrest so we are starting again,” Rodgers said.

He said the repatriation flights with dates are the ones for Fiji and Vanuatu which will bring home more than 300 students.

Rodger said Canada, United States, Cuba are on the northern tip while a small number of nationals were also in Japan and the Philippines.

“And so we need to make sure to have flight planning to go through countries that will firstly allow them without quarantining.

“Because there are countries that you will be required to go through quarantine. It’s no longer straight forward flight anymore.

“But in the next two months we hope to put students from Cuba and Canada and other countries we will be able to have routes for them so they can be able to come home.

“Right now the exact date is still unknown but we will let them know of the dates,” he said.

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