News headline misleading: Kabui

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THE Prime Minister’s Office says the front page headline by Island Sun newspaper ‘GOVT BOWS TO MALAITA’ is outright misleading and way off the mark.

Special Secretary to Prime Minister Albert Kabui urges media outlets to report facts and not creating agenda plucked out of thin air.

Kabui reiterated that issues in the petition by Honiara based Malaitans is now being dealt with by the relevant ministries.

“In fact, some of the issues raised was already being dealt with and is progressively worked on by the Government,” Kabui said in a statement issued yesterday.

“The Government will, like always, engage with the Malaita Provincial Government who is the mandated authority,” he added.

Kabui explained that national government is not coerced by any groups or entities to engage with MPG, the proposed dialogue with MPG is a normal practise provided for by the Provincial Government Act.

“Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening as the rightful ministry will provide update to MPG as and when appropriate,” Kabui stated.

The SSPM reiterated the call for media to exercise responsibility and provide accurate information so as not to mislead people.