MFAET warns public not to make use of seasonal work application for financial gains


Some people are charging seasonal work applicants money in exchange for helping them upload their applications online, it is reported.

And, the ministry of foreign affairs (MFAET) is warning those involved in this opportunistic activity to stop.

In a media statement yesterday MFAET warned public ‘not to capitalise on the current Labour Mobility Unit recruitment drive for financial gains’.

This new development has popped up following MFAET’s new requirement that applications for seasonal work in Australia and New Zealand under the labour mobility scheme must be submitted electronically.

MFAET has disallowed submission of applications by hand.

This entails that applicants either apply through the MFAET online application portal, or email their application documents to the MFAET labour mobility email address.

This new requirement has reportedly disadvantaged people who do not have emails, or do not access the internet, or are without savvy on the internet, computer or smart phones.

People who find themselves in such situations are forced to seek out people who can help them email their applications, or apply online.

Hence, some people are reportedly helping out but not without a fee.

“Internet is not free too!” one commentator on facebook defends this action, adding that it is only a small cash incentive in exchange for helping someone who would have otherwise not be able to launch his or her application to MFAET, since the ministry is no longer accepting delivery by hand.

MFAET yesterday said it is aware that certain individuals are going around using the process to charge people financial fees to upload their application documents in light of the two-week window which is currently open for submission from February 27 to March 10.

As such, MFAET is urging public not to capitalise on the current LMU recruitment process for financial gains.

MFAET said only registered businesses are allowed to provide such services to the public and anyone capitalising for their own benefit is breaking the law.

“Those found to be involved in such activity will be reported to the Police.” MFAET said.

Meanwhile, online and email submissions for the Labour Mobility Unit Work Ready Pool opened on Monday, February 27 and will close on March 10.

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