New minister for Malaita province government



A new minister has been appointed over the weekend for Malaita province’s ministry of local governance and community development.

He is Fred Wai, member for ward 12 in north Malaita in the Lau Baelelea constituency.

Mr Wai was appointed last weekend after the resignation of former minister Michael Maeliau ward member for ward 10, also in north Malaita.

The resignation of former minister Maeliau was based on lack of funding for the ministry.

Speaking to Island Sun in Auki yesterday, newly appointed minister Wai said, “My appointment for my new port folio is not a mistake but it is a way forward for my people in ward 12 and for the whole of Malaita province.

“It is only a short time to come into power to set up according to the respective port folio or ministry.

“I will try my best to at least to work together with the communities in malaita through arranging activities within this short period of time.

“My main focus for this short time frame is to complete the Manaoba mini hospital in ward 12.”

Wai added that the Manaoba mini hospital will serve the Lau region, which would save them the trouble of having to travel to the Maluu hospital.

“So far my ministry did not function well for the past few years under the leadership of the former minister due to the financial assistance experienced, I will try my best to assist and support in one way or the other regarding to my new Port folio in some areas from the malaita provincial government assistance towards my ministry.

“I believe if my recent appointment for at least one or two years we will try to organize and build good relationship as local governance and organize development activities in our rural areas.

“If I come back to power to represent my people in ward 12 and take up this same port folio I hope changes will happen when my term in office.”

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