Ministry will no compensate any damage: Minister Marau


COMMERCE minister William Braddley Marau says the ministry will not pay compensation for any damage incurred during operations to stop illegal businesses owned by foreigners.

In a press conference yesterday, Minister Marau clarified that, “To illegal operators outside of Honiara boundary; we understand that the Bangladesh Nationals also rent houses belong to indigenous people.

“Just for clarification to public, if we give them stop notice, any cost associate with the legal action its part of the business risk assessment of the operator and landlord.”

He said the ministry is not liable to compensate any damage because in the first place, both the foreigner and the local have broken the law when they ventured into illegal business and pertaining arrangements.

He explained, foreign Investors who are operating outside Honiara boundary have been running business illegally and because of that reason Ministry will not accept any liability.

Director and Registrar of Foreign Investment Division, MCILI Mr Derick Aihari said if ministry stops the Bangladesh nationals from operating, certainly few local people will be affected.

To avoid such, Aihari encourages locals to be careful when doing business.

He adds, it is good they are doing business with foreigners but don’t allow them to operate in residential areas.

Legal action to stop foreign investors outside Honiara boundary from doing business, Aihari said is an opportunity for locals to do business to provide such services to suburb areas around Honiara and outside boundary.

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