Negotiation on Nusatupe quarantine facility on

Nusa Tupe Island
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WESTERN Provincial Government and the Western Provincial Disaster Operation Committee are trying to strike a deal with the owner of Nusatupe Quarantine facility.

The negotiation came as a previous deal was abandoned due to disagreement between the parties after renovation was done to the building.

Chairperson of WPDOC said Western Province has spent money and efforts to upgrade Nusatupe Quarantine site however, the situation that follows led to deregistration of the site due to fail agreements.

“Upgrading of Nusatupe Quarantine facility was done in good faith between the owner, National Disaster Management office and Western Province but after completing the renovation the lease was very expensive and that forced the Western provincial government to abandon the site based on the fact that the lease was very expensive.

“Province also cancel the gazette that certified Nusatupe as a quarantine facility as one of the sites to quarantine people,” he explained.

Wickham said the increasing need for quarantine facilities due to the increase number of positive cases in Western Province has forced WPDOC and the province to renegotiate with the owner of the Nusatupe facility.

He said there is green light to use the Nusatupe Quarantine Facility anytime from now.

“We managed to review the Nusatupe quarantine site with the hope there will be positive respond coming from the government,” Wickham said.