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Negotiation for landfill underway




THE Malaita Local Council has reported that negotiations are currently underway with landowners on identified sites for landfill for Auki town.

Director of the Local Council and Regional Affairs, Mr George Waleka said that there is green light on the negotiations.

He told this paper yesterday that so far there are about four sites identified, but two had been struck out due to land issues.

Waleka said the sites identified include, a site near Aimela School, another in Kunu, Molou and at Bablokana towards south of Auki town.

However, he said the other two sites of Kunu and Molou were omitted whilst focus is now on the site near Aimela School and Bablokana site.

Waleka said currently his office is gearing to carry out survey on the two sites and when resources required for the work are at hand they will begin.

He said upon the report of the survey and other related information concerning the land the sites were located they will chose the site for the landfill.

Waleka said currently the town is using a temporary dumpsite however acquiring either of these sites will become the permanent dumpsite for Auki town.

He said the issue of dumpsite for Auki town went back to around 1994 when the dumpsite use by the town was closed due to development.

Waleka said the issue remained since than until now where ideas now put together to pursue and address the area.

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