Ghaubata association question NPF

By Ezekiel Talatau

General Manager for SINPF Mr Mike Wate

THE Chairman of Valumamata Ghaubata Taovia Tribal association, which consists of five tribes, has raised concern over the land tender (fence) by SINPF with a land parcel 192-016153, that was publicised by Island Sun last month.

Mr Ben Inman said the area where the NPF tried to develop are still under high court pending.

He calls other contractors to be aware of such situation before they can bid for such tender.

The Ghaubata tribal association has given the letter to SINPF, but has not received any positive response since. It is reported that NPF is continuing with its work on the area regardless.

“Currently, the NPF are now securing the area and started to treating and harassing some land owners who once settle within this area,” Inman said.

The General Manger of SINPF Mr Mike Wate said the SINPF board has the perpetual estate (PE) title and they are protecting the land from illegal squatters to the land and they have good title to erecting the fence.

However, Inman counters that the person who had sold the land to NPF is not a landowner.

He added that the land belongs to the tribe, therefore urges NPF to be wary of this information.

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