NCD tops deaths at Buala hospital 2018



NON-Communicable Diseases (NCD) has reportedly caused most deaths at Buala Hospital for the first stanza of this year, 2018.

According to a report obtained from Buala hospital, the data for NCDs was gathered from January to June this year.

In a graph ranking up to 20 – portraying the deaths recorded at the hospital, NCD-deaths is at 11 followed by maternal, cancers and pneumonia at two (2) and other diseases at one.

The report also went on to report on five demarcated zones Isabel province, Buala, Tatamba, Konide, Bolitei and Kia on the status of NCDs from each of them.

This is on the number of NCD cases admitted at the hospital (new and return cases) for this year as well.

The number of NCD cases portrayed in a graph ranking up to 700 and Buala zone with the highest NCD cases with 645 cases.

Followed by Kia zone with 263, Tatamba zone with 238, Bolitei zone with 177 and Konide zone with 125 cases respectively.

According to the data, NCDs has become the major threat for Isabel province’s general health status – something everyone must work together to address.

The disease burden for the hospital recorded

Recorded types of NCDs include, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, malnutrition, pneumonia (age from 5-yrs), cancers, heart disease, maternal deaths and anaemia.

The report did not say much on diseases like malaria, TB and others, which are said to be decreasing in Isabel province.

According to the report, Isabel Health Authority is doing the best they can in tackling the entire health related issues in the province, but resource was the biggest challenges face.

This article can be seen categorised for Isabel province for not balancing NCD status from other provinces, they have their reports, however, this paper only obtained report from Isabel province.

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