National security briefing underway


OFFICIALS from the Ministry of Police, Prime Minister’s Office and Western Provincial Government yesterday discussed the National Security Strategy (NSS) and National Border Security Strategy (NBSS) action plans.

National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister’s Office John Wasi said the discussion was based on how best the national and provincial governments can collaborate and effectively implement the objectives of the strategies.

“We are interested to get their views on how the NSS and NBSS can be successfully implemented,” Wasi said.

“The strategies have already implemented since their launching last year and that our meeting today is a matter of re-coordinating and establishing greater partnership with stakeholders to leverage success,” he added.

“This discussion will also help stakeholders to know their responsibilities and obligations under the national security Strategy so as the National Border Strategy.

“Furthermore we have discussed possibilities of reviewing our existing legislation to align with provincial ordinance.

“We look at how legislation can complement each other when comes to the implementation of any national policies or strategies.”

Wasi said Western Province is the first province to have been briefed with the Strategies’ objectives and expected obligations given the vulnerability of the province to national security.

He adds that Western Province has three point of entries with high risk of national security issues and that the government see it fit to include Western Province first on the line.

“We have the border, Noro International Seaport and Munda International airport adding the province has high interest in term of investment.

“These entry points pose a greater risk for Western Province when comes to national Security,” Wasi said.

He said NSS and NBSS are DGCA’s flagship policy in an effort to safe guide the country’s security concern.

Wasi said these are first ever strategy and policy finding its way into the cabinet and were blessed by Cabinet Members following ongoing security concern in the country.

He said the task is difficult but he is confident that his team will execute the consultation and implementation of the strategies.

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