National health conference underway


THE National Health conference is currently underway at the Forum Fisheries Agency conference room which convenes health workers to discuss Sustainable Development Goal 3 – Good Health and Well-being.

More than 180 health worker across Solomon Islands including donor partners are meeting under the theme: “Moving towards Universal Health Coverage through Implementation of the Role Delineation Policy”.

The discussion is focussed on implementation of the Role Delineation Policy (RDP), a newly designed framework Ministry of Health and Medical Services created to work on for achieving the SDG3.

The RDP is identified as a key vehicle to ensure equal distribution of doctors, nurses and improvement of infrastructure reach provincial and community level, and 2030 Solomon Islands should achieve the SDG3.

MHMS’s Permanent Secretary Dr Tenneth Dalipanda said the RDP has been identified as a key vehicle to drive them achieve common goals across all health sectors, and take Solomon Islands towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

He said taking this vehicle together and implementing RDP will mean changes although it may be difficult to progress.

For Solomon Islands to effectively implementing the RDP across the provinces, Dalipanda said it requires courage from everyone involved to ensure health workers ultimately made changes for betterment of this country.

With the four-day conference, Dalipanda said it is a wonderful opportunity to discuss how changes can be made and RDP can be implemented in months and years ahead.

Yesterday’s gathering started with presentation from the World Health Organisation (WHO) about Universal Health Coverage followed by MHMS on the RDP, Change management and RDP implementation.

According to Solomon Islands’ National Development Strategy Objective three, it stated country’s stand to ensure citizens have access to quality health and education.

Access to quality health care is a universal aim for all Solomon Islanders, the NDS stated.

The NDS also highlighted Women are access to health and family planning services which has been reported poor in rural areas, and made infant and child mortality rates remain high.

Overall, NDS has set its vision for health is to ensure all contribute to well-being of Solomon Islands people with aim to achieve Good Health and Well-being by 2030.

The 2018 National Health Conference was set purposely to improve shared understanding of the RDP including to inform thinking and planning for RDP’s implementation through strategies and actions.

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