MV Nusatupe leaves behind scary trail


THE Health and Medical Authority of Western Province is working around the clock to identify places and people whom the crews of the MV Nusatupe may have come into contact with in the last week.

Seven crews of the ship were tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this week and the Western province is mounting its contact tracing operation.

According to Dr. Michael Belande Buin – who is the Acting Director of Western Province’s Health and Medical Authority, MV Nusatupe left Honiara earlier this month and went straight to Rukutu to offload cargoes for a special religious gathering.

He said adults and children went onboard the ship when it docked at Rukutu.

Buin said the ship then sailed to Munda and the crews ended up in one of the local pubs with friends.

“The ship left Munda and sailed to Taro then returned heading towards Gizo.

“It came and anchored outside Nusatupe. We were informed that the crews left the ship after we swabbed them. They came to Gizo, picked up a few friends, and headed to a resort on the nearby Islands.

“We were also informed that the captain’s wife and kids were picked up and dropped off at Bunikalo,” Buin said.

He said his team is tracking down those who have come into close contact with the ship’s crew.

Buin adds that few people who had close contact with the crews are now undergoing self-isolation.

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