Muria defends $15K fine for lockdown breach

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ATTORNEY General John Muria Junior has defended the $15,000 fine impose a penalty for people breaching the lockdown starting tonight and ending 6am Tuesday.

Speaking to the media, Muria Junior said the fine is a maximum penalty and up to the court to determine.

He said the court will mitigate the factors.

“Last time someone was fined only $1000.

“If you are a serial offender, then court will say you can’t learn so would give $15,000 and put the person in jail. But this at its extreme,” he said.

Muria Junior said to a first offender, court will mitigate.

“What the executive will do is to set the maximum but can’t go over the maximum,” he added.

Furthermore, the Attorney General said in some places, the seriousness of breach is high because it is a matter of public security and safety.

“Personally, I think it is still small for life of another if you are going out or if that breach causes an outbreak.

“$15,000 is small for price to pay for,” he added.

However, Muria Junior said when it is a lockdown, it is a serious thing and about life and death.