Landowner wants resolve over Kwalebesi land

A landowner is calling on Steven Dila and his parties to follow legal process and iron out the ownership issues over the Kwalebesi land in North Malaita.

This after Dila continued to put three legal notices on newspapers in 2018, March and August 2021 despite the High Court striking out the case in 2020.

Ambrose Oiofa Dolofera of Kao tribe questioned why they continued to put notice when the issue was dealt with by the High Court already.

Dolofera said this is an abuse of court process.

“We want to test the ownership of the land in court.

“Three notices are waste of time and money and delaying time to come to conclusion of the issue,” he said.

Seventh Day Adventist Church has a 85 years lease over the land since 1932.

However, the lease has expired in 2017.

SDA has built a school, clinic and church on the land.

There was an airstrip established on the land but was shut down due to its uneconomical route for flights.

Dolofera said the ownership of the land needs to be sorted out because SDA wants to renew the lease.

He said it is important for right people to benefit from the rental of the land in future.

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