MUPG committed to proposed cocoa factory for the province

Makira Ulawa Premier Stanley Siapu
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PREMIER of Makira Ulawa province has expressed his government’s commitment to the proposed cocoa factory for the province.

Hon Stanley Siapu recently told this paper in an interview that his government ‘is now getting things done’ in their preparation towards the project.

He said that during the recent Premiers conference in Auki, he assured his colleague premiers and responsible government agencies on his government’s plan for the project.

“I talked with the PS for MAL, representatives from MCILI and MDPAC as they assured the national government’s commitment on the projects.

“Now we are working on a partnership MOU between the national government, MUPG and entrepreneur for the establishment of the project,” Siapu said.

He however said having the project will become a milestone for cocoa farmers in the province.

Siapu said there were lots of cocoa farmers in the province, but market is an ongoing difficulty the farmers experienced.

Adding that having the cocoa factory in the province, farmers will find it easy to do their markets just at their doorstep.

He also said that famers in the province are currently producing cocoa roasting with very limited resource they had, but need to upgrade to standard product.

However, Hon Premier said that establishing the factory they expect to produce varieties of cocoa products ranges from cocoa oil or lavender, cocoa powder for chocolates and cocoa roasts.

He said they hope having the project will boost the economic activity for people in the province and will generate necessary revenue for the province and the national government.

Siapu said the MUPG procured the project after a cabinet endorsement for a cocoa factory for the province.

The project was planned to establish in the provincial capital town of Kirakira.

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