HCC activates bus route regulations

HCC Lord Mayor Andrew Mua
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HONIARA City Council has activated the regulations of Honiara City Bus Route law and have established check points within Honiara City.

In an interview with this paper, Honiara City Mayor Hon Andrew Mua said HCC law enforcers have been dispatched to short bus route hot spots to monitor bus routes as the enforcement of regulations began yesterday

“Our Law Enforcers currently stationed at Kukum SDA bus stop and also other bus stops within Honiara.

“Our officers will take tough measure on buses without sign board and also buses caught running short routes,” he explained.

Mua said HCC understands that some of the buses are yet to collect their sign boards at the producer (Access Plus) and that law enforcers will distinguish the buses with new licence while on patrol.

He said buses who run illegally will be arrested on the spot and referred to HCC main office for interrogation with penalties if found guilty of breaching the newly established Honiara City Bus Route Law.

Chairperson of the Honiara City Bus Route enforcement Committee Hon Eddie Ngava said HCC was very busy yesterday as bus owners que up to pay their business license.

He said enforcement of the Bus Route Ordinance has now been activated and that HCC will apply all the penalties required to buses who intend to break the law.

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