NHA approves $34 million to purchase for sports house in Honiara


THE National Hosting Authority (NHA) Board has given its stamp of approval to acquire property in Ranadi, East Honiara, owned by Chengs Hardware and Construction Limited, for the sum of $34 million.

The move follows public concerns and discussions surrounding the sale of this property.

Christian Nieng, the Executive Director of NHA, confirmed this development in an exclusive interview with Island Sun.

He explained that the primary purpose behind this acquisition is to transform the property into a state-of-the-art Sports House, aimed at accommodating all National Sports Federations within the country.

The decision to sell the property was made by Chengs Hardware and Construction Limited due to an outstanding bank loan, which prompted the sale.

The initial valuation of the property, inclusive of additional space, was set at $42 million.

However, after negotiations involving NHA Chairman Dr. Jimmy Rodgers, Director of Project Management Unit (PMU) Leeroy Bird, the Attorney General, and Nieng himself, the owner of Chengs agreed to reduce the price to $38 million.

Unexpectedly, the owner of Chengs had a change of heart and sought to increase the property’s value to over $40 million.

In response, Dr. Rodgers issued an ultimatum, firmly stating that NHA would proceed with a payment of $34 million, considering the owner’s latest decision.

Ultimately, the owner of Chengs Hardware and Construction Limited accepted the $34 million valuation, bringing the transaction to a close.

Nieng shed light on the source of the $34 million, indicating that it originated from a $58 million contribution received from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the Pacific Games.

He expressed satisfaction that all aspects of planning were proceeding smoothly to deliver a successful event.

“In addition to this acquisition, we have successfully secured funding for various sports facilities, including athlete training centers, community fields, and the Solomon Islands National Institute of Sports, which has now become one of the premier high-performance training facilities outside of Australia,” Nieng commented, highlighting the positive developments in preparations for the Pacific Games.

The acquisition of the Chengs Hardware and Construction Limited property represents a significant step forward in providing world-class facilities for sports and athletes in the Solomon Islands, further enhancing the country’s sports infrastructure.

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