MPs called to keep record of how constituency funds are spent


Keeping track of how constituency funds are spent during an MP’s term in office is highly important.

This is according to Paramount Chief Benedict Garimane of Thimbo tribe, North Guadalcanal.

He stressed that since money allocated for constituencies is public money thus taxpayers’ money, MPs should have an inventory, a record of how they have spent constituency funds during their time as a member of parliament for their respective constituency.

Mr Garimane added that the record should show where the constituency funds went such as noted number of materials, equipment or vehicles purchased for the constituency.

He highlighted that this will surely help the next Member of Parliament because the MP will be well informed and know how far progress has gone in the constituency and in which areas he will need to help develop during his time as member of parliament for his or her constituency.

Garimane explained that since their former MP left without leaving a record of where their constituency’s money was spent, their current member of parliament should have one.

He calls on the current Member of Parliament for North Guadalcanal constituency, Hon Samson Maneka to have an inventory so that should a new MP for North Guadalcanal constituency take his seat, the MP will be well versed about what has happened in the constituency.

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