Allowance cut hits law students


SOLOMON Islands scholars studying at USP’s Emalus campus in Vanuatu are frustrated over allowance cuts which is affecting their studies and living.

Some are reportedly considering deferring their studies for next year.

Sources from Emalus say it’s been eight weeks yet 84 Solo students have not received their allowance yet.

And this is hitting them hard with their studies and living conditions.

The students’ rentals for February to April have not been paid yet, something which students say is an embarrassing situation for them.

“It seems we slow down our landlords’ normal business,” they explained.

To top up the students’ woes, Vanuatu is undergoing a 15 percent inflation this year.

“One NTU staff confirmed to us yesterday that there will be cut of allowance, and we call on Government to justify that cut of allowance because we are not able to survive since inflation in Vanuatu increase by 15 percent this year,” they said.

Students suggest government to consult them before doing cuts to their allwoances.

Island Sun, in following up this issue, has been told that 56 students have already had their allowances paid to their ANZ accounts, with working underway to pay the remaining 28 students theirs.

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