MPG to explain its development plan for its substations

Former Premier of Malaita Province, Hon Peter Channel Ramohia.
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MALAITA Provincial Government has been urged to explain its development plans for its substations in the province.

The call came following muteness continue to experience from the past until now on this very important matter.

A Auki man said yesterday it seems failure to every successive provincial government of Malaita for not drawing attention to the matter.

Adding that although it might continue to be in government’s policies, prioritisation was lucking to develop the substations.

He said the substations under Malaita province include, Afio in the southern region, Malu’u in the northern region and Atori in the eastern region.

The man explained that since the establishment of the substations some decades ago, they remained undeveloped until then.

“If anyone has recently gone to the substations and have a clear picture of what it look like 20 – 30 years ago, you won’t see any major development difference.

“There are little changes made, but nothing much and no bigger development on the substations as what people expect,” the man said.

He said disbursement of development to the substations is very important as it will pull to establish government services at convenient locations to people.

The man continued that the purpose is many as such centres get develop, it will trigger people will make people go for development just at their doorsteps.

He stressed that as experienced, people all over the province come to Auki to seek services which are better than where they leave.

But if the same services distribute to those substations it will save the cost and not demanding to people to get quality government services, the man said.

He appealed that the public of Malaita province need to know on the matter and province must clarify if they had plan and working on it.

The man said development of those substations is an easy thing as any can image, but having plan in place will eventually trigger the development.