Local leaders cultured on peace building


LOCAL community leaders who have attended the conflict sensitivity training have learnt peace building to transform, reduce and prevent conflict in the country.

Speaking to the participants Florence Swamy Executive director for Pacific Centre for peace building said they have worked very hard to increase the knowledge in peace building, conflict, transformation and human security to encourage and support development that is humane and peaceful in its approach.

She said it is essential for leaders to learn and venture into the knowing of peace building so that Solomon Islands will have a more peaceful nation and to learn to embrace stronger peace vocabulary.

“It is good that you (leaders) have come and sit under this peace building thing because there is a need for us to harmonise your vocabulary on peace building on that we can understand each other better and to avoid irritations that comes from miscommunication when settling conflicts,” she said.

Swamy said if everyone is more competent on how to manage conflicts peacefully there will be no need to resort to violence.

“It is our responsibility to become more conflict competent,” she said.

Furthermore participants also use the space to apprehend several different kinds of interventions to bring about peace and this through humanitarian aid and emergency assistance, peacemaking and peace keeping.

At the end of yesterday’s session participants came to know that peacebuilding is addressing the cause of conflict and grievances of the past in terms of undertaking programs designed to promote long term stability and peace.

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