MPG to enforce anti-littering regulations soon


Malaita provincial government recently announced the enforcement of anti-littering regulations in Auki as part of its green and healthy setting campaign.

The announcement was made by premier Elijah Asilaua as they had carried out awareness program in and around Auki in advocacy for the campaign.

“As you may noted, in the next few days we will expect the frequency and scale of anti-littering enforcement offenses since a good number of awareness is being advocated.

“Notice boards will also be erected in the non-compliance hot spots with strict enforcement of laws against illegal venders.

“Charges will be made to offenders not complying,” he said.

Asilaua said Malaita is where everyone lives together, connect and flourish. And where each of everyone has an important role in keeping their home clean.

“Our goal in this regard is to keep Malaita clean for everyone for our shared tomorrow. I therefore appealed to everyone for cooperation in following our governing laws.

“We want to create a clean and green Malaita with the inspiration for all Malaitans to care for and protect our environment with more emphasis on a clean, green and sustainable lifestyle,” he said.

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