100- Days program and policy statement launched


THE Government of National Unity and Transformation (GNUT) has launched its 100- Days Program and Policy Statement prioritizing comprehensive development of the economy, good governance, human capital development and national unity.

Speaking at the launch during the Prime Minister Breakfast at the Heritage Park yesterday, PM Jeremiah Manele described the program as “a detailed and actionable plan” intended to kickstart GNUTs initiatives and immediate commitment to citizens.

“The program applies a series of targeted actions and measurable goals that we aim to achieve within the first 100 days of our administration, which starts today (yesterday). It serves as a testament to our readiness to dealing with prompt and effective governance” PM Manele said.

A strategic focus of the 100-days program is economic recovery, aimed to revitalize the country’s current ailing economy.

“The key focus areas of the 100-days program include number one, economic measures. The focus would be to enhance financial stability through strengthening tax compliance, tighten discretionary exemptions, review most relating to mining companies and ensure quality spending. The procurement process will also be monitored to ensure government purchases reflect value for money and quality outcomes” PM Manele said.

Other key areas under GNUTs 100-days program include;

  • Enhancing government transparency and accountability: Increase support to anti-corruption measures and ensure public access to information.
  • Boosting infrastructure, programs and projects. Initiate critical infrastructure projects, this includes road repairs, improve water supply systems and enhance connectivity, stimulate economic activities and improving living conditions.
  • Social Welfare Programs: launch social programs aimed to improve health services, increasing access to education and providing social support to citizens.
  • Environmental Protection Initiatives: Pursue urgent measures on coastal and marine ecosystems, address pollution and promote sustainable practices.
  • National And International Collaboration. Embark on a series of strategic initiatives aimed to foster national and international collaboration with stakeholders, one of these initiatives, is the National Economic Summit, designed to gather stakeholders from diverse sectors of the society and economy.
  • Introduce compulsory legal education in school: educate children and youth with understanding of legal principles, civic responsibilities and understanding of how our government agencies operate.

Alongside the 100 Days Program, PM Manele also launched GNUTs policy statement, the long-term strategy of his administration which are founded on four pillars;

  • Economic Transformation: revitalize the economy through innovative and sustainable practices
  • Unity and Stability: Encourage inclusivity and embrace diversity of citizen and uphold Human rights.
  • Infrastructure Development: Invest in building vital infrastructures to boost economy activities, living conditions and connectivity.  
  • Human Capital Development: Prioritize education, healthcare and skills development.

PM Manele stressed that his administration is also committed to engage with farmers, develop a partnership in the agricultural sector and expand the country’s commercial farming capabilities for local consumption and exports. 

He acknowledged that though some policies might not have immediate impacts, he assured the country that they are designed with a “forward-thinking approach” to set the tone for positive impacts in the long run.

“By laying this ground work now, we are ensuring that future generations will benefit from a more robust economy, a more inclusive society and a healthier environment. These initiatives are investments in our nation’s future, building the necessary infrastructure and capabilities that will lead to progress and development” he added.

The launching also coincides with the 2024 Prime Minister Breakfast which was cohosted by the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industries (SICCI) and attended by Business houses, foreign dignitaries and government officials.

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