MPG eyes boosting trade and commerce in Auki


THE Malaita provincial government is planning a greater commercial centre under its master development plan for Auki.

Provincial secretary Eric George said this part of the Malaita provincial government’s effort to encourage trade and investments in Auki and Malata province.

He said as part of a master development plan for Auki town, Malaita province will build a sea-wall from Kwaibala river mouth to Auki wharf.

Adding that along the seal-wall, jetties will provide access for fishermen to berth and transportation of other services to and from Auki town.

George said this plan also depends on cooperation from the landowners.

“We must work together to bring Auki town and Malaita province to greater heights,” he said.

George said the province has the plan and even can finance the plans, but cannot work without cooperation from landowning communities within Auki.

Caretaker premier of Malaita province, Martin Fini added that the initiative will bolster Malaitans to become self-reliant by engaging in trade and business opportunities to boost the local economy. 

Fini also said that the initiative is also to ensure a participative, sustainable, progressive and enjoyable Auki town for the five regional, social and economic corridors in the province.

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