MPG clears Auki streets of vendors


MALAITA provincial government (MPG) through Auki Town Council has cleared Auki streets of vendors and market stalls.

The operation was carried out last week after negotiations with vendors, in which some willingly vacated the streets whilst others were forced to leave.

Early last week, an order was issued by MPG through ATC for all street vendors to vacate the street and return to the betel nut market.

Many vendors adhered to this order.

However, those who used the vicinity of old fisheries in front of Auki wharf did not, and were forcibly removed by provincial security.

The provincial security confiscated their tables.

MPG has cleared other street markets in Auki town during the operation.

The order was carried out in accordance to the provincial litter ordinance that prohibits littering or activities encouraging littering within the town.

This is for the cleanliness of Auki town and also to ensure all businesses and activities within the town be uniformly structured or organised.

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