MP Ramofafia helps Fauabu and Gwarata health centres

Two health centres in Fataleka have received timely assistance from MP Rexson Ramofafia.

Fauabu Rural Health Centre sits at the border between West Kwara’ae and West Fataleka and the Gwarata Area Health Centre is in the East Fataleka region.

Both were furnished with basic medical supplies.

A media statement from the Fataleka constituency office yesterday said the assistance follows reports it received earlier this year that the health centres were facing ‘a critical situation’.

“Fataleka Constituency office was reliably informed that these rural health based centres were without basic medical supplies for a significant period of time.

“It was understood that the situation had placed many lives at risk.

“It was also reported that patients including mothers and children had to walk long distances in order to access nearest health services.

“According to one of the constituents in West Fataleka, he stated that the situation they were been through was extremely difficult.”

Acknowledging the assistance, Nurse-in-charge in one of the centres said: “What you had provided today would helped restored the needed basic services to the people.”

The assistance reflects MP Ramofafia keeping abreast with much needed medical services in his constituency.

Ramofafia had envisioned building an additional area health centre facility in East Fataleka.

Consultation with landowners is completed with work on the proposed clinic pending for formalities.

The Fataleka MP also helped in constructing one staff house for a clinic in West Fataleka.

Ramofafia says support towards improving health services in his constituency remains a priority commitment.

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