Motion against Premier Maka’a withdrawn

Makira Premier, Julian Maka'a
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The first attempt to oust the Premier of Makira Ulawa Province, Julian Maka’a on March 23 in Kira Kira, the Provincial Capital since his provincial government came into power 12 months ago was withdrawn because it lacked the number.

The Provincial Assembly Member for Ward 5 in Arosi 2, and former Member of Parliament for West Makira, Jackson Suna’one said after a long speech on the motion that he decided to withdraw the motion because his side of the Assembly did not have the number.

In the Assembly Chambers nine Assembly Members who are non-Executive members sat on Non-Executive Bench, while 10 Executive Members and one Backbencher sat on the Premier’s Bench.

One Backbencher was absent from the meeting but turned up after the motion was withdrawn.

Before Mr Suna’one withdrew the motion, he presented eight reasons why he had decided to move it against Mr Maka’a and his Government.

He said the first reason is Mr Maka’a and his Government had failed to observe or comply to the Legitimate Government and ideal rules set in the Devolution Order No.1 of Makira Ulawa Province, thus it had failed to deliver required services and development as stipulated in the 2020/2021 Budget.

And secondly, he said Mr Maka’a is incompetent to control his Executive and Administration because he allowed his Ministers to manipulate the power and authority of exercise for personal gains and ego and Officers to advance irrelevant and passive programs to keep their personal attachment to the system and machinery of governance.

The third reason, Mr Suna’one said, is the Premier clearly had lost control over his oversight role to ensure the orderly management of the Provincial Government funds as set in the 2020/2021 Budget and as such, he had failed to meet the people’s service delivery needs and their desired development.

And obviously, he said the Premier does not align his Policies, if any at all, to the National Government policy initiatives to advance development and services to the Province, but has instead allowed total fallacy programs and fictitious ideals to be maintained for no good courses at all.

For doing this, he said, Premier Maka’a has put his genuine efforts to provide good governance to question.

The fifth reason for the motion, Mr Suna’one said, during Mr Maka’a’s one year of reign, his Government had not governed upon the framework of policies, fundamental tools to operate the Government machinery, so he lands his office in a room of doubt for transparency and accountability.

And for the Maka’a Government to agree to repeal the Ward Development Ordinance and the Makira Ulawa Province Investment Cooperation (MUPIC) Ordinance to expedite the interest of Provincial Government Strengthening Program is a complete REAP OFF  of “our people’s ownership of this land and their Constitutional and Birth Right over the natural resources and advantages they hold over Makira Ulawa Province, allowing hawks to hoover our land”.

In this instance, he said, the Maka’a Government which professes of, for and by the people of Makira Ulawa Province is questionable, but its performance and conduct, clearly proves a case of irresponsibility, no patriotism and no care attitude towards being proud, protective and standing tall to uphold, honor and defend “our traditions”.

And the 8th reason, Mr Suna’one said the motion sternly called for and appealed to those of “us rulers to be committed and subscribed to the principal ideal of Makira for Makira and let us do plan and decide the Makira Way.

“This is where the Premier lacks stamina, capacity and strength in his duty”.

Six non-Executive Members who spoke in support of the motion included former Deputy Premier and MPA for South Ulawa, Joe Takeli, former Premier and MPA for Santa Anna, Stanley Siapu, the MPA for Haununu, Matthew Taro, the MPA for Ward 9 of West Bauro, Faga Kira, the MPA for Ward 13, East Wainoni, Silas Wagatora, MPA for Ward 12, West Wainoni, Andrew Higa, while Finance Minister and MPA for Ward 8, Arosi 1, Douglas Kuper supported the Premier in opposing the motion.

By George Atkin  Kira Kira Correspondent