More calls to repair Malaita roads


THE Kokonut Pacific (KPSI) has added its voice to the resounding call for government to repair the roads on Malaita.

In a media statement yesterday, Managing Director of KPSI described the state of roads on Malaita as “shameful” and in urgent need of repair.

“The Malaita roads are in a shameful state and urgently need to be repaired,” says Bob Pollard, managing director of KPSI along with Mr Jimmy Kutu a Malaita South Road businessman.

“We call on the responsible authorities to urgently address the repair of the roads.

“The South Road is now impassable, even for a Land cruiser. These roads are essential for services like health, law and order and education. Businesses and people’s livelihood depend on these roads.

“With the roads in total disrepair, life for thousands of people is very difficult. It is great that the Honiara population can enjoy new roads and sport facilities, but it is unacceptable that rural communities are suffering because their roads are neglected.

“If our leaders’ salaries and benefits stopped when the road is damaged, they might appreciate how important it is to get these roads fixed and do something about it.”

Kokonut Pacific is a business with the goal of improving village livelihoods and with the roads in such bad condition farmers and producers cannot supply and therefore do not have an income.

Businessman Kutu says, “it is impossible to run a business when the roads are in such a bad condition.

“For example, with the upcoming pineapple season it will be very difficult to get pineapples to market.

“Can responsible leaders please attend to this serious situation urgently?” he pleads.

Earlier this year, some repair works were done on some segments of the roads on Malaita. This was after much outcry early this year over the dilapidated states the roads were in.

Bad weather has reportedly contributed much to the deterioration of the makeshift repairs done to the roads, which are mostly just flatted soil and rocks, and not tar-sealed.

In July this year prime minister Manasseh Sogavare announced $10million to the Malaita provincial government during a meeting with Premier Martin Fini.

In October this year, the Second Solomon Islands Roads and Aviation Project (SIRAP2) announced successful upgrading and maintenance road works in the North road – 17 kilometers of Malaita’s North Road from Gwanaru’u Junction to Forcim Market.

Also in mid-October, the Trades Transformation Company announced beginning work on the 21km road in East Malaita, part of the first phase of SIRAP.

Despite these publicised road work activities, the call from public in Malaita still remains loud – that the road on Malaita is still not conducive for travellers.

Businesses across the main island of Malaita continue to be affected by this problem.

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