Minister dumps allegiance in Europe

Moffat Fugui
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ONE of the nine Government Ministers who resigned over the weekend penned his intentions while on a government sanctioned trip overseas.

Reports reaching this paper states that Hon Moffat Fugui who appeared in the media yesterday as one of the Ministers who have resigned is part of a government delegation who will be attending a meeting in Paris.

It is still unclear whether Hon Fugui submitted his recognition while he is in the country or did he send back his resignation letter to the Governor General Office while overseas.

Minister of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology Hon Samuel Manetoali, Minister of Education and Human Resource Development Hon John Dean Kuku, Minister (former) of Public Service Hon Moffat Fugui and Hon Commins Mewa left the country last week to attend UNESCO’s annual Youth Forum.

A source familiar with government procedures said Hon Fugui is legally disqualified to hold the portfolio as the Minister of Public Service during the trip because he had resigned from the government.

“If a Minister legally resigns, the post he/she once had will be vacant immediately after the announcement of his/her resignation, the government will then appoint a new candidate and refer it to the Governor General’s office for swearing in as a Minister,” the source said.

The source explained that a resigned minister of the crown is disqualified from making any statement on behalf of the country in any international convention unless the Prime Minister allows him/her to do so.