“Mindset transformation a need for Solomon Islands”


REVREND Graham Mark, Secretary Commission on Justice Reconciliation and Peace to the Anglican Church of Melanesia emphasized that Solomon Islands is in need of mindset transformation.

In a day three day conflict sensitivity training for local leaders in Honiara, Mark raised this matter following the increased number of mentally ill people in the country’s capital (Honiara).

He said this matter has affected individuals, families, communities, and the nation as whole.

“Hence it is essential churches, non-governmental organizational and the Solomon Islands government to consider this matter find possible ways on we can address it,” said Mark.

Meanwhile Georgianna Sogote’e an outspoken female participant contributed on the same matter saying it is good that all citizens of the country are trained and become equipped citizens. This includes children and elderly people. This is to avoid mind related issues

She said this needs to start with families first before communities and national levels.

“This is because if the family sounds good with a newer transformed mindset the public will sound good too,” said Sogote’e.

She said if this matter is fulfilled, there will be a decrease in mental illness because people will understand who they are and how they can help those who are already affected with mental illness.

“With the increased number of mentally ill people we can tell that something is not right along the way, hence mindset transformation is a need,” said Sogote’e.

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