Community leaders learns peacebuilding method


Group discussion on circle of process activity. Photo VBMS.

THIRTY local community leaders who have attended a conflict sensitivity training are introduced to an effective concept to resolve conflict in the community level.

This concept is called the circle of process. This has been said to be used by ancestors, where they gather around fire to discuss village matters and family matters.

Pacific Centre for peacebuilding office in Fiji believes this will work in Solomon Islands because it had already worked for other Pacific Island Countries.

Circle process is an inclusive process which brings together conflicting parties as well as other members form the community to talk on difficult issues.

Speaking in light of this topic Florence Swamy from the Pacific Centre for Peacebuilding said the main goal of this concept is to be connected with others in good spirit and to act from within our values under challenging circumstances in times of conflict.

She explained that this concept provides greater opportunities for listening and reflection. There are ground rules in this process where one person at a time can speak.

“Also ground rules which is essential in circle process and prescribes the conduct of participants in process and guidelines which provides directions and some information’s on how to begin with the concept.

“The purpose of having this process reintroduced to our communities is because it supports participants in bringing forward their core self, make visible our inter-connectedness even in the face if series differences and recognizes and access gifts,” said Swamy

She adds that this concept had contributed positively in peace making but has its own challenges.

“This includes circumstances where a person goes through the circle process and his/her burning issues resurfaces and as result it will be difficult for him/her to overcome the problem”.

Swamy said with this re-introduced concept it will help peace builders in the country address and manage different levels of conflict in the county peacefully.

The conflict sensitized training was held in Honiara as part of strengthening women’s peace building program in Honiara.

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