MID to find someone to fix Honiara’s drains


MINISTRY of Infrastructure Development will choose a permanent contractor to look after the drainage system in Honiara next year.

This comes after the drainage system could not withstand heavy rains leading to major flooding of the highway and back-way roads earlier this year.

After the rain subsided, the roads and drains were littered with all sorts of debris.

It is believed over-population in Honiara and attitude problem contribute to the blockage of the drainage systems during flooding.

MID Permanent Secretary, Stephen Maesiola told media that a contractor will be selected to look after the drainage system next year.

Maesiola said MID may maintain it for the long run – not only for the Pacific Games in November next year.

Furthermore, Director of Civil Engineering, Mike Qaqara told the Public Accounts Committee yesterday, that consultation was done with the contractor to increase the drainage site outside the main stadium, at King George Six.

He said for inside the stadium which holds water, MID is working with National Hosting Authority, on ways to remove all the water to the highway drainage system.

In addition, Qaqara said there are only two outlets to the sea, namely Ranadi where the old Bank of South Pacific was located and the other one at KGVI.

He said MID is in consultation with Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey to get the water to the sea, because at the moment, developments are happening on some of the plots.

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