MID & donors to fix roads


WITH what is usually shared financially to the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) from the National Government, they only have constraints to work on roads in Honiara.

But with from ongoing donors support, MID is sure that they can put the capital city’s roads back to the standards wanted and what the public expects.

MID’s Central Project Implementation Unit (CPIU)Director, Civil Engineering, Harry Rini said with the current budget cut has really affected them in which they can only go in and do a couple of maintenance on the roads and that’s it.

“In terms of really fixing the problems of the roads starts at their bottom. We cannot only do maintenance all the time on potholes as the roads won’t be fixed that way. Signs of potholes means the road itself is failed from the bottom,” said the CPIU Director.

“The intervention JICA is currently doing along the city’s highway is the medicine of the roads.

“On feeder roads, we have some maintenance programs coming up in which we will need the similar treatment along the highway currently to be applied on them as well because the feeder roads themselves are failed.”

He also added that with the short bus routes recently enforced by the Honiara City Council (HCC), they are looking forward for the conditions of the roads to be good to go along with the initiatives of HCC.

“If we have good roads then the developments HCC would like to establish in terms of transportation in Honiara might work well,” said the CPIU Director.

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