MHMS to revise mental health policy


MINISTRY of health and medical services (MHMS) is looking at revising its mental health policy and bringing it to cabinet following increasing number of individuals suffering from psychotic mental disorders.

This was confirmed by Chief Executive Officer of the National Referral Hospital Dr George Malefoasi.

“Due to increasing number of youth, men and women suffering from neurotic and psychotic mental disorders. Especially depression among youths, the revised mental health policy is due for cabinet consideration calls for multi-sectoral approach in caring, promoting and protection of mentally illness in the country,” Malefoasi said.

He said some relatives have shown willingness to support the psychiatric department in contributing to the welfare of the psychiatric patients.

“That said, plan is in place for Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) and NRH to build the proposed new Mental Health Acute ward well before the Games in November. This project has been approved since 2021 but couldn’t start due to Covid 19 and due to payment process delays,” Malefoasi said.

“The new mental health acute ward will make available five beds for acute patients, and one for very critical patients needing isolation and management. So we are working on this now,” he said.

Malefoasi confirmed that the ward will be built next to the current day clinic and NRH psychiatric unit next to the old morgue site.

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