Mesepitu: addressing COVID must be priority

Western Premier Christian Mesepitu
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PREMIER of Western Province has called on the government to exhaust all its efforts on the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Christian Burley Mesepitu said availability of life saving equipment such as oxygen and protective gears (PPE) must be a priority.

He said the national government’s fiscal measures should be focused on the well-being of the people so as frontline officials.

Mesepitu suggests that the national government should prioritize its spending on procurement of latest live saving machines and equipment that are already available off-shore.

 “COVID-19 is here to stay, as such our national government should seriously consider upgrading the capabilities of our hard-working doctors in specilised intensive health care services and by providing COVID-19 specilised equipment and life-saving equipment for patients.

“Curing COVID-19 in the human body is a very expensive undertaking and we know that we do not have the capacity in terms of vital lifesaving machines, equipment, and oxygen supply and specilised intensive care personals.

“It is time for our national government to call on our traditional partners and organisation, especially traditional trading partners national who have benefited from the logging industry to assist us with needed resources,” he said.

Mesepitu said the number one priority of the national government should be the lives and health of its citizen and the general public than the South Pacific Games and related development.

“All citizen including politician and non-national are not immune to COVID-19 and it is unwise to play around with people’s lives.

“A nation with a healthy population will thrive,” he said.