Parents eagerly wait for school results

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PARENTS, guardians and students are anxious to know the placements for forms four, six and seven.

However, the ministry of education is silent. No one is working in its offices.

Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Education James Bosamata when contacted yesterday said that they are currently not working.

“Sorry – we are not working, the best you could do – is to check with Linda and John Liliu,” Bosamata said yesterday.

Contacts were made yesterday but unsuccessful due to no people picking up the Ministry’s phone.

Earlier this year the ministry had assured public that the placement results would be announced by the end of January and first week of February.

Entering the second week of February, and there is still nothing from the ministry.

One concerned parent said the Ministry of Education should release the exam results so that parents and guardians can prepare and save money for school fees.

Patteson Jay said the Ministry in their recent statement said that the results will be released end of January and first of February, but results are yet to be released.

“We are into lockdowns and uncertain situation and some of us already spend our monies for school fees, therefore the Ministry should release the results so that we too can save some money for school fees,” Jay said.

He said they have called to the Ministry of Education but no one responded to their calls.

Therefore, they are calling on the Ministry to inform the people what happened to the results.