Mercy services to start on August 31


THE United States Naval Hospital Mercy and partners arrived in Honiara yesterday.

It is here for its Pacific Partnership 2022 and will start its humanitarian services on August 31, 2022 to the people of Solomon Islands.

Chaplain of the Pacific Partnership 2022 Steven Szelmeczki says the floating Hospital Mercy departed Philippines and arrived in Honiara yesterday.

“The team is excited to have the Mercy calling into port.

“We are very excited to be able to have the ship calling into port. Many different logistics have been worked out yesterday when the ship calls into port. Some of the staffs on board the ship have met with the planners on the ground to prepare for the opening ceremony today evening at the Unity square before we will go into our line of effort.

“So yesterday is mostly the logistics of settling the Ship and getting everybody on the same page so we can execute a good mission here in Solomon Islands. Majority of the efforts will start on August 31, 2022,” Szelmeczki said.

He says it is a blessing for him be here in the country and finalise details for his line of effort in this host nation in terms of outreach.

“The biggest I have to say is that to thank already for the hospitality that they have shown us over the course of the last week the smiles on the children’s faces will continue to grow over the course of our mission execution as we actually work together for the beautiful partnership here in Solomon Islands,” Szelmeczki says.

“The Pacific Partnership 2022 comprises of four main lines of the effort, one is medical, engineering and one is humanitarian and disaster relief and the last one is host nation includes outreach.”

Pacific Partnership 22 returns to Solomon Islands, continuing to build on a foundation established during previous missions.  Now in its 17th year, Pacific Partnership is the largest annual multinational humanitarian assistance and disaster relief preparedness mission conducted in the Indo-Pacific.

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