Mercy and partners only here for 12 days

United States Naval Hospital Mercy arrived in Honiara yesterday
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U.S Navy Captain and Commander for the Pacific Partnership 2022 mission Hank Kim says Pacific Partnership 2022 commitment in Solomon Islands is only for 12 days.

This, he added, is due to Mercy’s commitment throughout the region.

Kim said Mercy is on operation need throughout the region. Each country has needs that Mercy tries to service.

“But Mercy also has operation commitments within the region and off course we need to spread that operation commitment to different countries,” he said.

Kim adds based on that they have had discussions with each country and having an initial discussion of about what is needed in the country.

“And in our initial discussion it was 12 days for our commitment here in Solomon Islands.

“I would like to add that this is our fifth visit to Solomon Islands and all though we would like to stay as long as possible.

“We have commitments to Solomons and we would try to come back as often as we can,” he said.

Acting Medical Superintendent and Head of Paediatrics Ward at the National Referral Hospital in Honiara Dr Titus Nasi says patients that require treatment on-board have been selected and also both teams at NRH and Mercy can managed them together in the hospital.

“Please come through the normal process of accessing health care services through the referral system from the clinics to NRH to each of the departments to work with colleagues on board to see who that needs to go on-board,” Nasi said.

He said the dental team have been working with the schools and they have organised a lot of kids to be seen by the dentist on board.

“Thank you very much PP2022 for coming over here we are all excited to see the biggest floating hospital which some of us will be receiving health care services from,” Nasi said.