Manuari: push to extend Parliament influenced by foreign elements.

National Parliament of Solomon Islands
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OPPOSITION MP Derrick Manuari says he believes the government’s agenda to extend Parliament from four to five years is influenced by foreign elements.

Speaking at the Opposition Group’s ‘Insight’ programme recently, the Member of Parliament for West Makira said it is clear because the current decisions and actions of the government is against the will of the people.

He said the government is pushing people to the edge knowing well that the people are not in support of any plan to extend parliament because they are confused and not convinced by the reasons given by the government.

“Foreign powers are dominating political play in our domestic affairs,” he said.

He said during the consultations, one of the messages put across by government officials is that government needed more time to allow China to fund government programmes in constituencies.

Mr Manuari said this is the same government and the same Prime Minister that had been in power of the last three years and even in the past.

“What have they done? We all know how they have underperformed over the years. Three years have gone by and there is nothing to show that this government has delivered its promises to the people so what makes you think another mere 8 months would make any difference,” he said.

“This government has already failed people in this country,” Manuari said.

He said even with the extension it would not make any difference at all.

The West Makira MP said the government has good policies in place but implementation is just anyone’s guess.

“They are busy trying to hold on to political numbers rather than delivering on their promises to the people in this country through the influence of foreign elements,” he said.

Manuari adds the government have the numbers to make amendment to the constitution and they could have used it to their advantage to make changes for the betterment of this country.

“This is not a responsible government. They are serving their own interests and that of foreign elements,” he said.