Men reminded to attend court


PRINCIPAL Magistrate Fatimah Taeburi has reminded accused who have been bailed to always appear in court for case hearings.

She reminded them on the obligation to adhere to bail conditions, adding that failure to abide by conditions can result in the person going to custody.

One of the accused who failed to appear on the last occasion is Leslie Melaba who was charged for two counts of official corruption when he was employed by public service.

On the previous occasion the accused did not appear in court; he told court that he had some family issues at home and that he cannot come to court on the last occasion.

Magistrate Taeburi then told him that he must abide by bail conditions; otherwise the cash bail will be forfeited to the state after his case is solved.

The warrant of arrest issued was withdrawn yesterday and his bail conditions maintained.

Also, another accused Albert Samani was told of the same thing yesterday because of his failure to turn up in court on October 9.

When court questioned him why he did not appear in court, Samani said he was confused by the dates.

Court then adjourned the two cases to November 6 for mention.

In relation to Samani’s case it was adjourned for arraignment.

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