Defence lawyers on armed robbery case told to appear in court


PRINCIPAL Magistrate Fatimah Taeburi has urged defence lawyers on the armed robbery incident which occurred early last year outside the BSP bank in Central Honiara to appear in court on November 6.

This is in relation to the case against Richard Rurai, Ramo Stanley, Farobo Ben, Faiga Junior David and Nathaniel Junior Erick who were charged in relation to the incident.

Magistrate Taeburi said that the case was pending court of appeal ruling and since that ruling has been delivered, defence lawyers need to turn up in court so that the case progresses on.

She said that there is no clear confirmation on which lawyer represents which accused and because of that everybody needs to turn up in the next court proceeding.

Two of the accused, Richard Rurai and David Jnr Faiga, appeared in court yesterday while Ben Farobo and Nathaniel Jnr Erick are under warrants of arrest.

Arrest warrant against Farobo was granted yesterday but will be laid in file for review on the next date of appearance.

Police alleged that the four accused were masked and armed with a knife when they attacked two Asian men as they were about to enter the BSP bank.

One of the Asians was struck with a knife and also shot from sling, the court was told.

Police said Rurai admitted in his interview that he, Eric, Faiga and Ramo had planned the robbery.

Police said he admitted having several meetings with the other accused days before the robbery and that they shared some of the money.

Police said only $200,000 has been recovered.

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