Men arrested for demanding money

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Kirakira Police in Makira-Ulawa Province have arrested four men for demanding money from a 75-year-old man at Mamarawa settlement on September 12, 2021.

One of the suspects saw his daughter drinking beer with the complainant’s grandson. The father of the girl, after finding his daughter in the boy’s house, damaged 15 louvre glasses and a chair in the boy’s house.

The father then called another three suspects and went to the complainant’s house and demanded compensation.

Supervising Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Makira-Ulawa Province, Inspector Jerry Muaki says, “The matter was reported to police and the suspects were arrested and placed in police custody.

“The four suspects were dealt with and charged for unlawful demand. They were released on bail to appear before the Kirakira Magistrates’ Court on the 5 October 2021.

“What has happened is a result of taking the laws into our own hands. This incident could not have happened if both parties sought assistance from the village chiefs or elders. The police, village chiefs, church leaders are there to assist in resolving issues that arise in our communities.”