Policy statement next: Premier Fini


PREMIER of Malaita province Martin Fini says his government will immediately work on their policy statement after all have been sworn-in.

The premier told SunAuki yesterday they look forward to begin soon.

He said things will be unfolding and one of the very important aspects of any newly formed government is the swearing-in, for ministers to take their portfolios.

“Next after this is, we will sit-down together and begin to work on our policy statement.

“Once we finalise it, we will than declare to the public to aware of and work together on implementing it,” Fini said.

Fini does not rule out the possibility of adopting some of MARA’s [former Malaita provincial government] policies.

He adds, they will be look only at priority policies to take onboard into their new policy.

Fini said considering the short period of time they will lead the province; their focus will be on priority areas of development for the province. He said that above all, it’s about working together with donors, stakeholders and people of the province to move the province forward and realise its potentials.

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