MEHRD finalises updated covid-19 plan

Mr James Bosamata
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MINISTRY Of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) has finalised its updated overall national plan for Coronavairus-19 (COVID-19) preparedness, response and recovery plan.

This was confirmed by James Bosamata from the MEHRD at the recent talkback show at the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) in Honiara. 

“So as of today (Tuesday, May 12, 2020), as we speak, we have finalised our most updated preparedness, Reponses and recovery plan and this is an overall national plan for the ministry of education.

“In this plan we have three different scenarios, the first one is if schools reopen, what do we do. The second one is if schools close again what do we do and the third scenario is if schools close for a long period of time what do we do.

“So, we have in our updated plan our responses in case anything happens we have in one document.

“But for schools we have different contexts they have their own as well but this is an overall national plan for the ministry of education,” said Bosamata.

He said for now the current situation is changing not like in the month of March so by having this plan prepared it will and can help schools to prepare for any future outbreak of the virus.