MEHRD expects exam papers from Malaita tomorrow



MINISTRY of Education and Human Resource Development expects to receive the 2018 schools exam papers from Malaita province by tomorrow.

Malaita Chief Education Officer, Mr Andy Siarani said the papers will be shipped to Honiara today after final collection of papers as form six finish exams today.

He said at the moment exam papers from schools within central, northern and eastern regions of the province are now in Auki.

Siarani said except only for exam papers from southern region of the province where arrangement had been made to send them directly to Honiara.

He said the exam papers were for grade six, forms three, five and six.

Siarani said today will be the final collection of papers especially on schools with form six as they will sit their final papers today.

“That means after the final collection, all exam papers to assemble at Auki ready to be ship to Honiara evening today.

“This is the schedule and if delay of papers from other schools in the province my office will ensure all papers to receive by MEHRD before Tuesday next week,” he said.

On the same note, Siarani acknowledged education staffs for the hard work ensuring papers were distributed to schools in the province and collection of the papers.

He also thanked teaching staffs of all schools both primary and secondary in the province for their assistance and especially preparing their students for exam this year.

He sent wishes on behalf of his education staffs to students from all schools in the province who sit their exam this year a merry Christmas as they look forward for 2019.

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