Family violence continues to be an issue in SI


DEPUTY Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga says that family violence is continuing to be an issue in Solomon Islands.

She made the comment following an incident occurred on November 11 at the Coral Sea Casino where a 32-year-old man took the law into his own hands and drove a backhoe Heavy Plant Machine and went inside the Coral Sea.

She said there are avenues where the man can discuss his grievances to them rather committing such incident that at the end tarnish himself from his job which creates another problem himself.

“Should he consult counselors, churches and other organisations dealing with family violence issues there will be no problem for the man.”

Police urge men and women encountering such problem to always seek help, Ms Matanga said.

Matanga said investigation into the incident is ongoing and the accused have already appeared in court and remanded in custody for the offence he committed.

His case will appear again in court on November 27.

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