MDPAC confident with USP TAFE and IPAM trainings


SIXTY participants of the two-month USP TAFE project management course graduated yesterday with certificates.

Speaking during the certificate award ceremony, Secretary for MDPAC Mr Shadrack Fanega said that the ceremony is special because of the growing confidence participants have.

He believes this would go some way in instilling knowledge and confidence in officers to be able to deliver more efficiently the Government’s annual development budget and its 20-year National Development Strategy (NDS) 2016 – 2035.

“Your gracing of this closing today has demonstrate your keen interest and appreciation in the development officers.

“I believe a great deal of hard work and effort have been put into the course by the course instructor Rodger Goodman and the participants.

“I really do hope that you all find the course interesting, exciting and most worthwhile and rewarding and that all participants have taken full advantages of the course and have made the best of the opportunity,” he said.

Fanega said that formal skills in project management are very much sought after in national governments and in the private sector in the region.

He hopes that during the course participants have impressed upon themselves the importance of understanding all aspects of managing development projects in their respective ministries.

MDPAC also believes that with the training, graduates would continue to make a positive difference in the implementation of successive development budgets and the outcomes of the NDS performance reports.

In owing significant debts of gratitude to USP TAFE particularly Roger Goodman, Dr David Mapuru and the staff of MDPAC Strategic Planning Division including Julie Byers, who had worked so tirelessly to ensure that course comes to fruition and reality, Fanega thanks the USP TAFE for conducting the course and their endurance over the last seven weeks.

“I believe that with the success of this course, you and the USP TAFE and IPAM should now be more confident and would look to organising and conducting similar and follow on training courses in Honiara in the future,” he said.

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