McMahon teachers urged to avoid unnecessary class absenteeism


CENTRAL Islands Province (CIP) Deputy Premier and Minister of Education Selwyn Luga urges teachers of McMahon Community High School (CHS) to avoid unnecessary class absenteeism.

He said this after unnecessary class absenteeism too was one of the concerns raised by parents and students over teachers this week during the open forum that was held on Monday to address lack of students discipline occurring in McMahon.

“When teachers are absent from classes unnecessarily then it also contributes to student’s behaviours and attitudes,” said Luga.

However, he said the blame cannot be on teachers alone too as parents are also responsible for their children’s behaviour.

The open forum was the provincial authority’s response to the report that a student of McMahon was arrested on April 13 for being in possession of marijuana.

The student’s arrest was deemed as the last straw to the growing issue of discipline in the school, hence the open forum to find resolutions.

“This issue of arrest has become a national report and it is not heartening to hear that the incident has occurred in our province,” said Luga.

He said the open forum was a success on the understanding that they will be addressing the issue of lack of discipline.

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