Mayor commends ‘Friends of the City’ initiative

By Gary Hatigeva

LIKE everyone else, the Honiara City Mayor, Andrew Mua has acknowledged and commended the Friends of the City initiative for what he described as a continuous job well done on the face of the city.

The City Mayor in an interview yesterday highlighted that the founders of the initiative should be given credit for this programme, which he says showcases important characteristics that all Honiara citizens should follow.

He however called on all Honiara residents to join hands with the initiative to continue giving the city a beautiful face and a clean place to live in.

He said like those that chose to participate in the weekly cleanup programmes of the initiative, everyone else should have the same pride.

“Be proud of your city because it is where you and I are live in, year in and year out, and it will be where our children and their children’s children, will certainly live in.

“As the mayor, a citizen of Honiara City and also a member of the initiative, I would like to thank the heads of the Friends of the City initiative and its members for the great works done so far for our city.

“It gives me great joy and pleasure to also witness a lot of young people taking the lead in this initiative, which I am very sure, will also benefit them as ambassadors for not only a clean city, but so as clean environment in an overall picture,” Mayor Mua expressed.

He also thanked Friends of the City for taking the initiative, which will save the Council a few funds to set focus on other things.

The initiative over the weekend took it back to the street to clean up the rails of the island along the main highway running through Point Cruz and the Market area, making it the forth set of major cleanup campaigns within the city.

It is understood that the direct responsibility to maintain and clean up these infrastructures and facilities, especially the roads and rails, belongs to the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID), and this is also something the Mayor stressed, the group should be given proper recognitions for.

Meanwhile, a former senior government officer who asked not to be named, joined the Mayor’s sentiments, and suggested for the rightful authorities to give established recognition to this initiative.

He said the initiative is understandably an nonprofit organisation and all its wonderful activities are executed under pure voluntary basis, but the government and responsible bodies should see that at least small funds or allocations are made, which he is confident, will go a long way down the line.

“They are actually doing the responsible authorities and government a huge favour, and expected nothing, therefore, they should be recognised for this. At least establish any form of direct incentive for the sake of this wonderful initiative and also for the good of the city,” the former government officer said.

He also joined the Mayor to call on all Honiara residents to be part of the initiative during its scheduled timelines, adding that those who have not done so, will find themselves changed have new perspectives of Honiara, knowing they are giving back to their own city.

The friends of the city (FTC) is a non-profitable organisation that brings together volunteers, made up of people with similar interest, to discuss the development and social challenges facing Honiara City, and to fashion the best way forward to a clean, safe and beautiful Honiara City.

Established with a vision to build a clean, green and prosperous Honiara City, and a Mission to enhance people participation through people’s volunteerism to build a clean, healthy, pleasant and sustainable Honiara City

The initiative according to the founders, have the strong believe that with such initiative, partnership is very vital and that it is better to collaborate than to compete.

It continues to bring together all interested volunteers from all works, which include churches, government, community and the private sector, that have the heart for the City.

Our City Our Pride Our Home

The initiative was established also with the intention to create mind set grooming that recapture the public taking ownership of their city and be proud of it, with the need to have their own sense of responsibility to cultivate cleanliness, and ensure a nice and comfortable surrounding for every residents.

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